4 Differences Between Zinc Oxide Raw Material And Zinc Oxide Powder

Some people get confused with zinc oxide raw material and zinc oxide powder. Some of them even think that both products are the same. The truth is that zinc and zinc oxide has differences. 

We will discuss the differences between these two materials below. As a result, you know which material you need for your project.   

The Chemical Symbol of These Materials 

The first difference between zinc oxide powder and the raw material version is in its chemical symbol. The chemical symbol of the zinc raw material is Zn. It even has an atomic number. 

Check this material in the chemical periodic sheet. The atomic number of Zn or zinc raw material is 30.

Zinc Oxide powder has a similar chemical symbol. The symbol of this material is ZnO. Zn is derived from zinc and O comes from the oxide powder. 

Check the symbol on the package or content table anytime you buy it. It ensures whether you buy a package of zinc or zinc oxide powder. 

The Origin of These Materials 

The origin of these materials is also different. As its name, the zinc oxide raw material is zinc. Manufacturers often get this material from nature

On the other hand, zinc oxide powder is the processed zinc. It means that manufacturers process zinc oxide raw material, along with the additional oxygen to produce zinc oxide. They reduce the temperature to produce zinc oxide powder. 

The Appearance of These Materials 

Seeing the appearance of zinc and zinc oxide powder is also another fast trick to differentiate both materials. You are seeing zinc or the raw material version if the material in front of you looks solid silver or grey. 

The color of zinc oxide powder is different than the raw material version. ZnO powder has a solid white color. Zinc oxide powder gets this color from the process and interaction with oxygen. 

Their Function as Semiconductor Properties 

You must buy zinc oxide powder if you need semiconductor properties. This product gets this ability during the process and interaction with oxygen. It becomes one of the good semiconductor properties. 

You can’t get it on zinc. Yes! Zinc doesn’t have the ability as semiconductor properties. 

Now, you can differentiate between zinc oxide raw material and zinc oxide powder. At least, you can analyze the materials from their appearance and color first before buying them. It will be easier for you to decide whether you need zinc or zinc oxide raw material powder for your project if you know it.

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